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pmoriarty · 2021-06-13 · Original thread
Interestingly, in the past there was a lot more self-experimentation done by researchers.

The history of such self-experimentation is chronicled in a book called "Who Goes First?":

pmoriarty · 2020-10-28 · Original thread
There's an interesting book called "Who Goes First?"[1] about something that used to be much more common than it is today: self-experimentation in medicine.

[1] -

pmoriarty · 2017-05-25 · Original thread
There's an interesting book that delves further in to this:

Who Goes First?: The Story of Self-Experimentation in Medicine

pmoriarty · 2016-09-21 · Original thread
Self-experimentation has a long history in medicine. An interesting book on it is "Who Goes First?"

pmoriarty · 2015-11-30 · Original thread
"Brazenly, he sampled a few drops of this extract himself"[1]

These days if a researcher dared confess that he tried some research compound on himself he'd be charged with loss of objectivity, or be considered crazy or just plain weird. But not too long ago self-experimentation by researchers was quite a common and accepted practice. It could even be considered the ethical thing to do: before letting the compound be tried by others you should of course try it yourself.

There's a book on the history of self-experimentation in medicine, called "Who Goes First?"[2]

[1] - "he" being Justinus Kerner, "the first scientist to publish an accurate and comprehensive description of the disease"

[2] -

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