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PaulHoule · 2021-10-05 · Original thread
I took lessons in acting based on this method

and came to realize that there is a commonality between writing and acting. An actor might not need to think about the arc of a whole story but they need to think about how it is advanced in a single scene. Sometimes even in real-life situations I think about "blocking" and other concepts from the stage. (e.g. Look at drama and improvisational acting in general)

Lately I read this book

which has a lot of fiction and non-fiction references oriented around the technology of love ("Tale of Genji", "Les liaisons dangereuses", "Love and Lust") and works over the stories of very interesting people from various directions.

I have been reading the references, reading the references of those references, and going off in other adventures in reading including recent feminist scholarship such as

I think that love is the most popular topic for storytelling and this project has vastly improved my ability to confabulate on the subject.

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