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pessimizer · 2013-09-07 · Original thread
>You're correct, but they mostly went unheard.

Even worse, it was heard constantly, but ridiculed. Every other mainstream article seemed to be "Why Hysterical Morons Seem to Think That We're In a Housing Bubble, and Why They Are Idiots Who Are Missing Out On a Great Chance to Flip a House!"

jpdoctor · 2012-09-10 · Original thread
As for the US: The entire realtor system needs to die a quick death. It is anti-competitive and is engineered to take advantage of noobs, both to housing and markets in general.

If there is any doubt, this publication was published by the chief economist of the National Association for Realtors at the height of the housing bubble:

Edit: There is an important "not" missing from the html anchor.

shangrila · 2012-03-28 · Original thread
The #1 sign we are in a bubble is that people are writing articles saying we are not in a bubble.

For reference, compare the following two editions of a book regarding the recent housing bubble. These were written by the chief economist for the National Association of Realtors at the time, David Lereah.

Original title (2005):

"Updated" title (2006):

I think we all know what happened next.

When people start spewing denial, it's time to think about heading for the exits.

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