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gtsteve · 2019-03-24 · Original thread
Yes this is what I have read also.

However, it seems that willpower can be trained and in some regards this is more useful. After all, if you're super smart but can't complete a project then that's a bit of a waste really.

Anecdotally, I would say most of the successful people I know exhibit extremely good self-discipline but are perhaps only a little bit smarter than average.

The theory is that if you are able to train yourself to be disciplined in some ways you can become disciplined in others as well, much like building strength in the gym. I think this might be the basis of the "tidy your room and keep it tidy" advice meme that seems to be repeated a lot at the moment (I should probably do that myself really)

A few years ago, I read the book "Willpower", which is quite a nice overview of this topic:

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