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ajslater · 2013-08-10 · Original thread
Glen Greenwald - With Liberty and Justice for Some: How the Law Is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful

Discusses the era from Watergate to early Obama shielding Bush officials and telecoms.

ucee054 · 2013-01-15 · Original thread
How about you give up on your mind reading powers for a while? I'm sure you can read the psychology of Ortiz and every other prosecutor, and determine that their opinions of Aaron Swartz are exactly like normal people.

I'd rather believe that they saw him like a target to be scalped, bullied into submission by plea bargain. I don't know why, maybe because US prosecutors have a history of treating the accused like targets to be scalped, and bullied into submission by plea bargain?

Books have actually written on this subject, why don't you have a look? Here are some references:

Finally, don't expect me to re-interpret the idiotic opinions that you post as something really profound, because my mind reading powers are as awful as yours. Express yourself clearly instead.

And don't call me a child - that's ad-hominem, jackass.

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