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AdieuToLogic · 2015-06-29 · Original thread
Your itemized explanations of what can be done in C++ only reinforces that the environments are quite different.

One of the wonderful things about C++[1] is that it can express just about anything which can be encoded in a program. GC, common base types, functional programming, imperative programming, object oriented programming, meta-programming, logic-based systems, dynamic module systems (a la Apache modules[2]), and a bunch more.

But that does not make a language such as Java a subset, unless your premise is that any language which can in some way be expressed in or embedded int C++ qualifies as a subset. If that's the case, then pretty much every language "is a subset of C++" (and yes, even Lisp[3]).

1 - Yes, I mean "wonderful things" as I have worked in C++ for many years. Still do when the problem calls for it.

2 -

2 -

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