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thesash · 2013-04-26 · Original thread
One of the things I think about on long runs while training for a marathon is precisely how not fun running often is while training. Running through pain, heat, cold, rain exhaustion, etc. is not fun and certainly not easy, but it's precisely those difficulties that makes crossing the finish line such a triumphant moment. All those moments of struggle are like little deposits towards an immense payoff; the sum of everything you've endured.

There's something satisfying about doing things the hard way. If this stuff were easy or fun all the time, it would get boring.

The difficult part is maintaining that drive to do things the hard way. When hard things get harder, and then impossible, its hard not to start to feel depleted. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance[1] calls this reservoir of inner strength "gumption" and points out that you have to make an effort to keep the tank full. I see it as a kind of faith, not in God, but in yourself; faith that you can and will overcome whatever insurmountable obstacle you face. I try to keep that tank topped off by running, reading, and, despite how hard it is, taking regular vacations where I step away to disconnect altogether. That way, I can feel anticipation in the face of a challenge rather than fear or despair; anticipation of a journey that won't be easy, but will certainly be rewarding.

[1] - I read this book every 5 years and each time I find something completely new. It's a remarkable work.

mcos · 2012-06-22 · Original thread
I'm currently really enjoying "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Robert Pirsig.

A very interesting read for hackers.

giardini · 2011-12-28 · Original thread
There are times when it would be nice to downvote a post and this is one of them.

I would reread

"Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance"

before I woud crack GEB open again. In fact I discarded GEB. My belief is that the Devil himself collects these discarded old volumes and passes them out as reading material to nerds in Hell.

For 8 years you've been wasting your free time. Sell the GEB and read Nagel's "Godel's Proof" (see my other post for URL) instead.

makeramen · 2010-11-04 · Original thread
Switch: How to Change When Change is Hard -- Chip and Dan Heath (

Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us -- Dan Pink (

Linchpin: Are You Indispensable? -- Seth Godin (

The Laws of Simplicity -- John Maeda (

Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance -- Robert M. Persig (

Invisible Man -- Ralph Ellison (

How to Win Friends and Influence People -- Dale Carnegie (

The Kindle app has really got me buying a lot of books that I now need to finish...

jkmcf · 2009-05-17 · Original thread
IIRC, (it's been a few years), this might help Seth and others:

Otherwise, you might just go crazy!

Personally, when I want to buy something, I always try to purchase the best available I can afford.

By afford, I mean something with credit I can pay off without worrying too much. This was mainly learned from my buy and sell routine with guitars. If I had just purchased that PRS right off the bat, I could have saved a lot of money :)

By best, I mean based on ratings and features important to me.

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